Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Playing with Watercolour Confections by Prima.

Hi everyone Michelle here and I am having fun with these,

 Watercolour collections by Prima!

 Now I am no expert on watercolours, in fact I am a complete newbie so all the following projects are created by me just having a play really, so bear with me as I go on this voyage of "Discovery"!
First up I played with a few background on watercolour paper and here are the cool results:

There are a few techniques I had fun with:
  • First up I tried "wet on wet", this means I wet the paper first, then added the colour, splashed more water, then watched the magic happen, I then left it to air dry. Adding more water splashes creates those fabulous "Blooms" you see.

  • Next technique is adding cling wrap onto the still wet paint splashes and leaving it to dry completely before taking off the wrap. Create lots of creases in the wrap to add drama! 

  • This one was wet on wet again, then I took to it with a heat gun to half dry it, then splashed more colour.

  • Last background was my fave! I added salt while it dried naturally. Once the paper was completely dry I brushed off the salt to reveal fabulous "spottage" (yes technical term!)

I loved this one so much I had a little play with my fineliner, I will probably use it for a card a little later, what do you think? 
A simple idea but I kind of like it!

Next up I had a go at making some loose Blooms, I really have to get use to how the colours behave, they really do have a life of their own!
This was done on dry paper:

When using watercolour you cannot "paint" so much as "move" colour. As I said I am no expert and my skill is not perfect but, hey, I have had fun!!!!


I was actually very surprised by how much pigment were in these sets for the price, compared to artist water colours. They are fabulously bright and vibrant and easy peasy to use! Yep my kinda product!!
Last piece is this silhouette using all watercolour. I wanted to test the depth of the black colour and how it reacts when adding more colour. This is another simple idea that helped with my water colour education!!
I was a little scared to add more colour after working with the black so I did wait till it was dry before playing more and creating the Blooming garland on her head.


I used the watercolours on stamps to add some loose flower images to give the garland some definition, worked a treat!

So that is all from me for now, do yourself a favour get a set of these babies they are awesome fun to experiment with!! 
Artified have them HERE!

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  1. Oh Michelle, I think you've created beauty here! I love the loose flowers! I have always wanted to play with watercolour & mixed media, but I feel I lack the creativity & the "looseness" you need to just let go & have at it, so to speak. :)